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PeopleXperience is a platform created by specialists, who understand that Customer Experience is essential for any business. With our platform, we help your company achieve better results by managing and mapping both the customer’s and employee’s journey!

We are allowing hundreds of companies to engage their employees in actions to improve the customer and employee experience, increasing operational efficiency and, as a consequence, generating more sales and acquiring new customers.

Our founders

Our values

Enthusiasm, Generosity, Creativity, Integrity, Passion, Diversity, Communication, Empathy, Proactivity, and Consistency.


Help companies to be journey centric, improve the customer experience and to create simple, accessible, and profitable experiences.

Nice to meet you, I'm Max!

Hello eXplorer! I’m Max, the PeopleXperience mascot!

Here, I’m the spokesperson. I help the development team with programming and during many other moments! I come to represent all the energy that PeopleXperience professionals put in their CX work.

Count on me to discover a world of possibilities and bring the best experience to your customers!

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